Booking Flights

The closest international airport to our venue is the Barcelona-El Prat Josep Tarradellas Airport (BCN). There are a large number of direct and connecting flight options.

We'd hate for you to miss any of the action, so if possible, we recommend:

- Flying in no later than 10:30am on July 4th, 2022
- Flying out no earlier than 4pm on July 6th, 2022

Here are our favorite flight booking websites:

(Please note that you may also fly into Girona Airport (GRO).  The venue is a 45 minute taxi from GRO and will cost approximately €60.)

Remember to check that your passports have not expired and whether you need a visa! 


Flights listed are as of 4-Apr-2022 for your reference

The flights listed below are as of April 4th, 2022 and are to/from Hong Kong, however, visitors travelling from other cities may wish to opt for direct flights or look for a connecting flight that connects with one of the Barcelona inbound/outbound flights listed below.

Flights to Barcelona

Cathay Pacific: CX321, arriving 4-Jul at 7:35am, 13h 15m, $8,940 HKD/round-trip
Qatar Airways: QR817 > QR137, arriving 4-Jul at 7:30am, 18h 20m, $6,176 HKD/round-trip
Swiss Airlines: LX139 > LX1952, arriving 4-Jul at 8:50am, 15h 10m, $7,727 HKD/round-trip
Turkish Airlines: TK71 > TK1853, arriving 4-Jul at 10:20am, 17h 20m, $7,837 HKD/round-trip
Lufthansa: LH797 > LH1124, arriving 4-Jul at 11:50am, 18h, 25m, $7,872 HKD/round-trip
Air France: AF185 > AF1348, arriving 4-Jul at 11:50am, 19h 0m, $8,851 HKD/round-trip

Flights from Barcelona

British Airways: BA481 > VA206, departing 6-Jul at 18:25pm, 17h 0m, $8,940 HKD/round-trip
Air France: AF1549 > AF188, departing 6-Jul at 18:05pm, 17h 30m, $8,851 HKD/round-trip
Turkish Airlines: TK1856 > TK70, departing 6-Jul at 17:55pm, 17h 10m, $7,837 HKD/round-trip
Lufthansa: LH1135 > LH796, departing 6-Jul at 16:55pm, 16h 35m, $7,872 HKD/round-trip
British Airways: BA407 > VA206, departing 6-Jul at 16:45pm, 18h 40m, $8,940 HKD/round-trip
Qatar Airways: QR146 > QR818, departing 6-Jul at 16:20pm, 16h 45m, $6,176 HKD/round-trip
Lufthansa: LH1129 > LH796, departing 6-Jul at 16:00pm, 17h 30m, $7,872 HKD/round-trip

Important Note for HK Guests: The HK Government requires a PCR test to be completed within 48hrs of your flight back to HK. Please factor this in when deciding your return date. We are staying in Barcelona for 2 nights before flying out so we can complete our PCR test at one of the labs in the city.

Wedding Bus Transfer

We will be providing bus transfers between Barcelona El-Prat Airport, Barcelona city centre (Placa Catalunya), and the venue. 

*We previously had a Google forms questionnaire to fill out. This has been replaced by the RSVP questions. Please click RSVP and Accept the shuttle events if you wish to use our shuttle*

Monday, July 4, 2022

Barcelona Airport Terminal 1 > Barcelona City Centre - Placa Catalunya > Castell d'Emporda

12pm: Departs Airport Terminal 1
12:30pm: Departs City Centre - Placa Catalunya (in front of Hard Rock Cafe)
2:45pm: Arrives Castell d'Emporda

Wednesday, July 6, 2022
Castell d'Emporda > Barcelona City Centre > Barcelona Airport

11am: Departs Castell d'Emporda *Time Updated to 11am to allow more buffer time*
1pm: Arrives City Centre
2pm: Arrives Airport

Other Transportation

Rental Car 
A great way to get around with more flexibility, especially if you're planning to explore the region, is to rent a car. Do remember that people drive on the right-side of the road in Spain (like North America).

A list of rental car companies at Barcelona-El Prat airport can be found here. Note that international flights will land/depart from Terminal 1 of BCN airport.

We found the selection and prices to be best via AvisNational, and Europcar. It may be worth checking to see whether your company has rental car agreements with any of the big rental car agencies as prices can sometimes be half the regular price. You may also want to check renting from their Barcelona city centre locations instead of the airport to avoid the airport taxes and overnight parking fees if you're planning to visit Barcelona. 

There will be ample car parking space at the venue.

Taxi to/from Barcelona

If you are looking for a direct car/taxi service to/from Barcelona and our venue, you should look to budget at least €200.

A couple of websites to give you an idea of what is available for booking are:

Train + Taxi from BCN (2.5 to 3hrs)

Walk to "Aeroport" suburban railway train station located in Terminal 2 of Barcelona-El Prat airport, and board the R2N train.

Change trains at Barcelona Station (Barcelona Sants) to MD local train towards Portbou.

Get off the train at Flaça station.

Take a taxi from Flaça station to Castell d'Emporda. Approx. 18mins, 14km.

Spain Travel Info

Spain Covid Travel Info

Spain is officially open to all fully vaccinated travelers regardless of where you're coming from.

As of April 5th, key highlights are:

- Fully vaccinated travelers can enter Spain without a negative Covid test, regardless of where you're coming from.
- Young adults age 12 to 18 who are not fully vaccinated can enter Spain by providing proof of a negative PCR/NAAT test taken within 72 hours of arrival.
- All children under 12 can enter Spain without any restrictions.

Keep in mind, you need to be at least 14 days, but no more than 270 days, since your last dose. Also, make sure to bring your vaccination certificate with you.

In addition, all passengers (including children under 12) arriving in Spain by air or sea must fill in a health control form and show a QR code before boarding. A mobile app called SpTH is available, as well as via the below links:

- Arrival by plane
- Arrival by ferry

We've omitted some details and exceptions, so in case you want to read up more, the best website we've found which outlines everything you need to know, can be found at:

CNN Travel also wrote a good article recently, summarizing Spain's entry requirements in layman: terms:

Spain Visa Requirements

Many countries do not require a tourist visa to enter Spain.

You can check the entry requirements on this website here.

Specific list of countries that do (Annex I) and do not (Annex II) require visas for entry can be found here.

HK Covid Travel Info

HK Travel Return Requirements

Good news! Announced on March 21st, the HK Government has relaxed the return to HK quarantine requirements. The requirements were further relaxed for June 1st onwards (link here).

Key points to highlight are:

- Must be a HK resident (have a HKID card).
- Negative result proof of a PCR-based nucleic acid test for COVID-19 within 48 hours(2) (not required for under 3 years, RAT tests for recently recovered)
- Present recognised vaccination record
- Confirmation of a room booking at a designated quarantine hotel for at least 7 days

See more on Obtaining a PCR Test in Spain below.

The HK Government's Covid website with full quarantine details can be found here (see section "People Who Have Stayed in Overseas Places").

HK Quarantine Hotels

For those returning to HK after the wedding, as a back up, we have pre-booked quarantine hotel rooms for our guests at the following two Designated Quarantine Hotels for any HK arrival dates between July 7th to July 24th (assuming 7 days stay). So you guys don't have to stress about finding a room upon your return! 

Sheraton Four Points (Tung Chung)
Traditional Room, includes full meals/board (not connecting rooms)
Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled 7 days before arrival.
1 pax: $955/night
2 pax: $1,272/night

Courtyard Marriott (Sheung Wan)
Guest room, includes full meals/board (not connecting rooms)
Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancelled 21 days before arrival.
1 pax: $1,227/night
2 pax: $1,545/night

If you'd like to reserve one of the rooms we have pre-booked, please let us know as soon as possible and we will transfer the booking to you, as we can only hold the rooms without guest names for a limited period of time. 

Obtaining a PCR Test in Spain

*Since June 1st, the requirement for covid PCT tests to be performed by ISO15189/government accredited labs have been removed. Therefore, any lab offering PCR-based nucleic acid tests with results in English should suffice. There is also covid testing available at Barcelona Airport via Fly Covid*


We have worked with Cerba on a special arrangement for our wedding guests: They are offering each PCR test for 70€ (instead of the regular 100€). In order to get this discount, please follow the below steps:

1) Book online via their website, and input "Discount Code 3031" into the Observations field.
2) Provide your booking details on this form here
3) Quote "Discount Code 3031, Steph & James Wedding" when you check-in for your PCR test.

Cerba has multiple locations across Barcelona, is ISO 15189 certified, 2 locations in Barcelona are open on Sundays (one is open 24hrs/7 days a week), and has online booking.

Details are below:

Cerba Website: (you can book online via their website)
Cost: 24hr PCR is 70€ (with wedding discount, see above)
ISO 15189 Certificate: Click to Download
ISO 15189 Accreditation Details: Click to Download
ISO 15189 Website: Click Here (search for PCR, and filter for ISO 15189 and Catyluna)

Cerba Barcelona - Paris Street Location
Address: París, 127 bis, 08036 Barcelona
Located besides the Porsche dealership
Sampling Hours: M-F 7AM-7PM, Sat 8AM-1PM, Sun 9AM-12PM.

Cerba Barcelona - Clinic Remei Location
Address: Calle Escorial, 148, 08024 Barcelona
Sampling Hours: 24hrs, 7 days a week

Cerba - Girona Location

This clinic is located in the town of Girona, about a 40mins drive (30km) from our wedding venue. They are open Monday to Saturday and are ISO 15189 accredited.

Gran Via de Jaume I, 7, 17001 Girona
Sampling Hours: M-F 8AM - 2PM, Sat 8AM - 11AM


This is also one of the main accredited clinics within Spain. They are also conveniently located, and is open Monday to Saturdays. Need to book via phone call or email.

Echevarne Website:
Echevarne ISO 15189 Details: Click to Download


This is another good accredited lab with multiple locations. Their online booking is more cumbersome.

Synlab Website:
Synlab ISO 15189 Details: Click to Download